Wine Cellar


The philosophy behind the wine list at Café Boulud is to offer our neighborhood and international clientele a broad selection of styles, regions and price ranges, while concentrating on wines that are very versatile. Our wine list is greatly influenced by varietal character and the reflection of terroir in any given wine, meaning that we search for wines that best represent the true flavors of the grapes that they are made from and regions where they are grown.

While the focus on French and American wines reflects the main influences of the Café, the four hundred selection list spans the globe with representation from all major wine growing regions. One of the challenges, and certainly one of the most enjoyable aspects, of the wine list at Café Boulud, is finding wines to match the dynamic end ever-changing menu, especially the Saison and Voyage sections as they change monthly.

Our diverse cellar extends into dessert wines including Ports, Sherries and late harvest wines from around the globe. We also boast a full selection of digestifs including vintage Calvados, Armagnac and super-premium Cognac.

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